Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Indian Summer"

I am vexed at using the term "Indian Summer", but I'm not sure what else to call it... it's hot out, like 28 degrees hot out. Everyone had given up on the hot weather and had pulled out the fleece and the wool socks and put on the down quilt, and then OH! Summer wasn't QUITE done yet. Except now we have our winter quilt on our bed and I keep waking up sweating. Not so good.

The garden is starting to slack a little bit, I cut off the one and only acorn squash that grew (since it was an "oh, what's this? Oh we'll just tend it and see what grows" kind of plant, it was nice that we even got one! That vine was pulled up, chopped and composted, as was the two gourd vines that were also "plant surprise" vines. Everything was kinda mildewy and rotting anyways and looked messy. The cucumbers are still attempting to grow something so they can keep going until I pull them up too. Everything that's growing against the garage has to come out by the end of October, because of the imminent garage teardown, which will add another 300sq ft of garden space!!! Mostly patio space, but planters are nice!!! The tomato forest has finally stopped producing flowers!!!! Now it can focus on finishing up the last batch of tomatoes, and we can focus on figuring out what to do with all of them (have made like, 8 trays of dried tomatoes by now, but they're sooooooooo good).

The sweet peas are still going crazy, we have been cutting them and putting them in various places around the house/giving them to people. They have this wonderful delightful scent that I find intoxicating. My neighbours vastly enjoyed the plums, the tree is now able to recover from FALLING OVER due to the sheer weight of them. Have like, a bagillion in the fridge. My dad made my Uncle Bill's plum cake, which is so good that I ignored my allergies and chowed down anyways. Is always worth the pain.

Tomorrow is this awesome event called Feast of Fields ( which is my favourite fall event put on by the wonderful Farm Folk/CityFolk people. Check it out, there is so much food. We always end up kinda rolling around after the event.

Janine made vegan, gluten free lasagna and it was so good I almost cried. I suggested putting in the vegan cream cheese, and it was TO DIE for. I love her, I really really really do. :) I also love this picture of the Black-Eyed Susans I took in my mom's garden.

I leave you with this last picture of Leg-o-Less in my mom's garden. He was a gag gift. And then he fell off the table, broke both his legs and had to have them glued back on, hence the name. :) My mom also acquired a hippo named Horace as a result of my further shenanigans.

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