Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall is definitely here

The weather! It's a changin! The sky has turned that brilliant blue colour, and I now need to wear pants when gardening, because I get too cold.

The hydrangea has decided to bloom.

Yes, you heard me right. It has buds. Some of them have turned out to be blue! It's very pretty, it'll be a nice shot of colour right at the end. Speaking of colour, my hostas are slowly turning yellow, just a touch and just along the edges. It's a sign that fall is indeed upon us. The zinnias are still trying to take over, and my corn lilies finally bloomed!!!! Also, this cool Kingfisher plant we got at the Vandusen Plant sale last spring also finally bloomed. It's a native plant. Very pretty.

I cut one of the sunflower heads too early, the seeds taste too green, it's disappointing. There is still one more attached to a plant.

Have one more batch of tomatoes to pick, and then that will be pretty much it for the season. There will be some green ones, so we'll figure out what to do with them! And the peas came back! WEIRD.

They tore a house down across the alley from us, and dug up a bunch of bamboo stalks, root balls intact, so I pilfered them and stuck them in the ground. After the garage comes down, it will be all along the back as a privacy barrier. It's PRETTY bamboo, exactly what I wanted!!!!

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