Friday, November 6, 2009

Mushroom post.

This is just a post with mushroom pictures that I've taken. They're so pretty, thus I post!

The end of summer = HALLOWEEN!

Fall is now slowly coming to a close. I have begun wintering all our plants, raking up and dumping piles of leaves on everything. Since our disgusting, nasty, dangerous garage is coming down, we moved all the plants out of the way. The strawberries got HUGE, Janine divided them and we have multiplied from 4 small plants, to something in the area of 12-15... crazy! The poor plants have had to live through 3 different transplantations in the time we've owned them... hopefully they'll survive another major move back when we get the ground all settled in again!

What also grew was the rhubarb! Upon digging it up, I discovered that the root balls had DOUBLED in size! Insane!!!

We finished off our last bag of frozen summer blueberries... which is incredibly sad as it's only November. However, we do still have like, 5 bags of whole strawberries, plus 5 or 6 bags of mushed up strawberries intended for jam, a bag of blackberries, two bags of tayberries and god only knows what else.

Halloween related, we ended up getting two lovely pumpkins out of the garden! Thanks, Talia for the plants!! One of them never turned orange, but all the kids thought it was OMGSOCOOL because it was a "black" pumpkin. Haha, not so much. Green, actually! I carved them up and put tealights and set them outside for the night of Hallows Eve

Also, I discovered a tree of crabapples in my neighbourhood. It's on city property, the apples are ripe, and no one's touched them... THUS, THEY ARE MINE!!!!!

I've also taken lots of pictures with my iPhone depicting all the mushrooms around, there are TONS and they have such wonderful colour. Granted they are highly poisonous, but they're pretty to look at! Enough pictures in this post though, next one!