Thursday, February 4, 2010


I began my spring tidy today, I removed the cover of dead and decaying leaves off the garden, a process I will happily repeat in the fall! It kept all the weeds from growing over the winter! Yay!

Many of the bulbs we randomly planted last year are peeking their heads up. My mom gave me a big bag of daffodils (Janine HATES daffodils, but I put them in because they are free, oh well for her!) and they are starting to peek out now too!

I pulled the dahlia tuber out of the ground in the fall, along with the elephant ear, because I was concerned it would rot. I should have just left them both in the ground, as I didn't store them properly and they both rotted. :( Very sad. I shed a few tears over my Elephant Ear, because it was my favourite and it had just been recently purchased in the fall.

No pictures today, just an update! But I will take pictures over the weekend and post.