Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stuff in the garden

I should perhaps, offer a description of our garden. We live in Zone 8b (jealous?), half a block from a large forest. Our house is south facing, but the entire front yard is in shade, thanks to lovely huge fake-maple trees inhabiting the front boulevard. In the back is a large, ugly, useless, decrepid garage, which is coming down in October!!!!

This is both Janine and I's first year growing a garden. Our house is a rental house, so everything that goes in will probably stay (except for the plants). We dug up SO much, I spent most of March digging weeds out of the ground just so we had somewhere to plant! It was very very satisfying. We also found some pre-existing plants, which we were excited about. Most specifically a BEAUTIFUL peony and two stunning orange poppies. They were absolutely buried under all the crap, all invasive, all very very annoying.

It's hard to imagine that those above pictures are now filled with green leafy things, 10ft tall sunflowers, roses, zinnias, borage, and gladioluses, and an assortment of other green things.

More updates later, Janine managed to figure out how to make chocolate ganache without using dairy!!! YUMMY!

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