Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Post!!!

It's the middle of August and I've only now decided to blog about the experience of turning a desolate waste of shit into a garden! Yay!

Stuff is starting to die off a little now, although my much delayed sweet peas are still doing fantastic, despite having flopped over during the last rain shower.

We have harvested an entire bowl full of cherry tomatoes (we started from seed sungold, sweetie and something else, a yellow pear shaped one, but we accidentally gave those all away when they were just seedlings). They have since been poked, sprinkled with salt, pepper and garden aquired basil, and have been popped into the oven at 250 degrees celcius for the past 3 hours. They'll go into a bag and into the freezer to enjoy when it's 3 degrees and pouring rain outside. We're waiting on the everbearing raspberries to have their second go-around right now. Just waiting patiently. And we're about to be innundated with plums. Anyone want some prune plums???

We've already started planning our garden for next year! It's mostly to do with moving stuff around. Because we moved in with a bunch of random crap already in the garden, we didn't really know what to do with it all. Now we know, and will commence moving stuff around once things start to go dormant for the winter.

Chores to be accomplished:
-put the half dead zucchini plant out of it's misery... into the compost bin.
-stir said compost bin.
-mow the grass
-actually use the damn trimmer

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