Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting started, again

Several exciting things have happened since my last post, all garden related!

#1: Our landlords finally had the garage removed, and then he built a fence (well, gate, but it's really difficult to move, so it's a fence). We now have a large concrete slab in the backyard, which is awesome!!

#2: I had to sift all the dirt around the garage, which was a time consuming, slightly tedious and exhausting job, as it involved shoveling all the dirt out of the ground onto the concrete, then shoveling it all back in through a sifter, to remove the garbage bits and larger rocks. It's all done now, but it probably took me close to 30 hours to complete all of it!

#3: Then I had to bring in our "new" dirt, out of Mike and Dana's yard, and top everything up.

#4: Tax return = splurge on plants. I honestly think we overdid it. Oh well, the garden will be rockin this year and kinda sloppy looking next year?

All kinds of things have come up, the irises were/are stunning, I'm waiting on our bearded irises now, as they are just about ready to pop open! Lots and lots of purple, although we've tried to spice things up a bit with regards to colour. We have a bunch of annuals that are all different colours (although mostly in the pink/purple/white/red range). Janine's put together her hanging baskets, although there is one that only my father on his giant ladder can reach, so we don't have that one up and running yet.

The lupine this year is stunning, it's one of my favourite flowers and it's SO gorgeous!! So happy!!

That's all for now!

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