Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter is upon us!

It has been over 2 months since my last post! Not too much has happened in the ways of the garden. We had a freeze over in the middle of December that made me panic, as I hadn't put the bulbs in the ground yet (bulbs acquired from my mom, as she, as usual, over-ordered from Vesey's and we reap the benefits!). My only casualty from the batch was an amarylis bulb stupidly left outside. Stupid stupid stupid. It was going to be lovely, too. Stupid! Anyways.

I planted some daffodils, some more lilies, rearranged some plants, added more dirt, covered everything in leaves.

We forgot to pick the remaining lettuce and it died... oops. The leeks are still growing though, although they are in a state of dormancy until spring. Maybe they will actually be a half decent size for next summer instead of the pathetic wisps they currently are. Which reminds me, I need to get the garlic in the ground. I FINALLY got my book back, Carrots Love Tomatoes (great book!) so now I can know where to plant them.

The garage is supposed to come down soon, but our landlords seem to be dragging their feet about it. I'll probably offer to take it down, then round up a party with some sledge hammers and just bash it until it falls in. Good times! :D

We are really really broke, so no big plans for this years garden... Last year was a significant financial investment, and we won't have to have quite such a showy repeat this year. The Van Dusen plant sale will come up, and we will probably buy a couple native plants, and then we'll buy some grass, but other than that, it will be a pretty low key season!

Cheers for now!

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